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Return to Work Letter Covid-19/Coronavirus Fill out the template

Return to Work Letter (Covid-19/Coronavirus)

Last revision
Last revision 15/10/2020
Formats Word and PDF
Size 2 to 3 pages
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Last revision: 15/10/2020

Size: 2 to 3 pages

Available formats: Word and PDF

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Return to Work Letter (Covid-19/Coronavirus)

The Return to Work Letter contains instructions to be used when employees need to be called back to work. The purpose of this document is to create a letter informing employees that they should return to work during the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic.

The letter indicates whether employees should return to their regular workplace or perform their duties at home.

The letter can be customized to indicate any new procedures to limit employee exposure to the Coronavirus. The letter can also be customized when employees are required to work from home. This way, employees can be informed of their work at home schedule and how they will be supervised during this period.

How to use this document ?

This document can be used to call employees back to work while informing them of the protective measures that have been put in place against Covid-19. It is important to follow the accompanying recommendations and then personalize it to help employees return to work with the assurance that their health and safety is the first priority.

This document must be printed and signed by the employer or and authorized staff members and either posted or given directly to employees. As a good practice, a copy of this letter should be kept in the file of each employee to whom it is sent. Employers may also ask employees to confirm receipt of this letter once it has been sent to them.

Applicable Law

In Canada, employees are still expected to report to work in the context of Covid-19. However, managers are to consider on-site work only if the work meets the definition of critical service and working remotely to support it is not feasible.

Employees have three specific rights regarding their health and safety in the workplace stemming from the Canada Labour Code, Part II :

  • the right to know;
  • the right to participate;
  • the right to refuse dangerous work.

Employment and Social Development Canada's Labour Program created a brochure, Pamphlet - Summary Health and Safety, which contains general information on the Code, Part II. The three rights mentioned are explained in this brochure.

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