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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Letter to Inform Employees of Key Worker Status Fill out the template

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Letter to Inform Employees of Key Worker Status

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Last revision 30/03/2020
Formats Word and PDF
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Last revision: 30/03/2020

Size: 3 pages

Available formats: Word and PDF

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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Letter to Inform Employees of Key Worker Status

This document creates a letter which can be issued to employees to inform them of their status as a Key Worker during the 2019 Coronavirus Pandemic/COVID-19. The letter shall state if employees shall be expected to continue coming into their usual place of work or if they should continue carrying out their duties from their own homes.

Where employees shall have to keep coming into work to fulfil their duties, the letter can be personalised in order to state if any new procedures shall be introduced in order to limit employee exposure to the coronavirus. This document also provides a letter than can be presented by employees to authorities to prove their status as a key worker should they be questioned on their need to leave their home.

Where employees shall be able to work from home, the letter can be personalised in order to inform employees of what their schedule should be while working from home and how they will be supervised during that time.

How this document should be used

This document should be printed off and signed by the employer or an authorised member of staff and either posted to or delivered directly to employees.

It is good practice to keep a copy of this letter in the file of each employee it is sent to. Employers may also wish to have employees confirm receipt of this letter once it is issued to them.

Applicable Law

There is currently very little legislation in place to govern these decisions made by employers due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Employers around the UK should be aware of ACAS Guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for employers and employees.

Employers in England should be aware of: Guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19); Guidance for schools; childcare providers, colleges and local authorities; and COVID-19: Guidance for employees.

Employers in Scotland should be aware of: Guidance in related to Key Workers; Coronavirus (COVID-19): school closure guidance for key workers; Coronavirus advice for businesses in Scotland; Protecting Workers during coronavirus outbreak; Coronavirus (COVID-19): fair work statement; and Coronavirus (COVID-19): business and social distancing guidance.

Employers in Wales should be aware of: Coronavirus (COVID-19): employers and businesses guidance, Coronavirus (COVID-19): closure of businesses and premises, and The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Business Closure) (Wales) Regulations 2020.

Employers in Northern Ireland should be aware of: Coronavirus (COVID-19): business and employers; Coronavirus (COVID-19): essential businesses and services; and Coronavirus (COVID-19): Staying at home and self-isolation.

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