What service does Wonder.Legal offer?

The site allows you to create personalised legal documents:

  • You choose a document.
  • You create the document by completing a questionnaire. The document is created before your eyes as you respond to the questions.
  • You can buy the document for immediate download in Word and PDF formats. You can then modify it and reuse it however you wish, according to your needs.

How much does a document cost?

A document costs between $3.99 and $159.99, with an average price of $35.06.

The price of each document depends on its length and popularity. The price is shown when you reach the end of the form.

To see how much a document costs without filling out the form, simply open the form and click "next," without typing anything into the form, until the price is displayed. If the price is acceptable, you can then go back to the beginning and fill out the form.

How do you complete and customise a document?

First, choose the kind of document you want to create. Then you'll be taken to a page with a form to fill out on the left and a document on the right.

The document is generated one section at a time as you respond to the questionnaire. Clauses are added or removed, paragraphs are modified, words are changed, etc.

At the end, you can download the document in Word and PDF formats. You can then modify the Word document and reuse it however you wish.

I purchased a document, but didn't receive it by email. What should I do?

It's very rare, but it can happen.

Don't worry, just follow the instructions for recovering a document.

Who creates the templates?

The templates are created by lawyers and legal experts.

Our team of writers is continually growing as the site becomes more and more successful.

Who reviews my document?

No one. Documents are not reviewed by a human.

Lawyers and legal experts are the ones who first create the templates. Then our computer program automatically builds your document based on the responses you provide in the form.

Our templates cover most typical cases. Have your document reviewed by a lawyer if you think the template may not work for your specific case.

Do I have to answer every question in the form?

No, but we recommend that you do.

The document is created based on your responses. Some questions only fill in blanks in the template. Others add or remove entire paragraphs. That's why we recommend that you answer the questions carefully.

If you don't know how to respond, you will find help text next to each item in the form to guide you.

Is the information I enter into my documents confidential?

Yes! The information you enter when you fill out a document is encrypted. Even we cannot read it, much less share it with others.

Is the site secure?

Every part of the website is secure, including the code, the servers, and of course, the data you enter.

Paypal secures all transactions completed with Paypal Secure.

We never have access to your credit or debit card number or login credentials.