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Letter to Landlord Requesting Repairs

Last revision Last revision 21/02/2024
Formats FormatsWord and PDF
Size Size1 to 2 pages
5 - 1 vote
Fill out the template

Last revisionLast revision: 21/02/2024

FormatsAvailable formats: Word and PDF

SizeSize: 1 to 2 pages

Rating: 5 - 1 vote

Fill out the template

This document is a letter requesting repairs or maintenance on a rented property. It should be sent by a residential tenant to their landlord.

Under Irish law, landlords are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the interior and exterior of their leased properties. Leased residential properties must adhere to certain minimum standards as defined in the Housing (Standards for Rented Housing) Regulations 2019. Similarly, if tenants carry out repairs or maintenance at their own expense they are entitled to be reimbursed.

This letter allows users to request the necessary repairs or maintenance required to ensure their rented property adheres to these minimum standards and ensures their ordinary use and enjoyment thereof.

The user can specify the exact nature of the damage; whether the repairs or maintenance required are an emergency, urgent or routine. The user can explain the negative impact of the property's disrepair and specify a timeframe for its remedying. The document provides guidelines to help the user identify the appropriate timeframe for repairs and how to coordinate their arrangement with the landlord.

This letter clearly states the legal rights of the tenant and legal obligations of the landlord.

It makes clear to the landlord, in an affable and professional manner, that the onus is on them to maintain the property, it is the landlord's financial obligation and failure to provide the necessary maintenance within the designated timeframe could lead to a tenancy dispute that can be brought to the RTB (Residential Tenancies Board). It is an organisation set up under the Residential Tenancies Act of 2004. It provides several functions. Most important among them includes: keep a register of all private residential tenancies in Ireland and providing dispute resolution services for landlord and tenants.

How to Use the Document

This document can be written on behalf of a single residential tenant or several co-tenants living together.

As such, the user need only fill in the relevant details, sign the letter and send it to the landlord. It is recommended that the user be as detailed as possible when filling in the form. It is also advised that the user keep a hard and soft copy of the correspondence, for if the request goes unanswered, evidence attempts to contact the landlord will be relevant to any future dispute.

The user should consult their tenancy agreement with the landlord to see if it prescribes a particular manner by which to communicate with them. It may require they tenant contact them by email or by post or registered post. The Tenant should adhere to the agreed mode of communication.

Applicable Law

The Housing (Standards for Rented Housing) Regulations 2019 defines the minimum interior and exterior standards a rental property must maintain.

The Residential Tenancies Act (as amended) 2004 regulates various aspects of tenants' and landlords' legal rights and obligations.

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