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Letter Requesting Leave

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Last revision 05-09-2023
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Last revisionLast revision: 05-09-2023

FormatsAvailable formats: Word and PDF

SizeSize: 1 page

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Letter Requesting Leave

This is a letter asking an employer for leave from work. The primary purpose of this letter is so that an employee may put a request for leave in writing to an employer. Sometimes, requests for leave can be oral only. Other times, however, employers require them to be in writing. Either way, it is good practice to put a leave request in writing to avoid any disputes later on.

This letter can be used if it is an initial request to the employer, or even if it is being used to follow up on a verbal request. It covers multiple circumstances, including in which the employee has already taken time off and circumstances in which the leave request may be inside or outside the bounds of company policy.


How to use this document?

This letter memorializes a request for leave from an employer, regardless of whether prior verbal approval has been given. It can be used even if the employee has already got permission for the leave but needs something written to confirm. As mentioned above, regardless of the particular company policy, it may be a good idea to put all leave requests in writing, so that the employee can give the employer the necessary details of the specific request, including how the work will be handled while the employee is gone.

This letter has options for the employee in case time off has already been taken previously or if the request falls outside company policy. Conversely, the letter may also be used if no time off has been taken and if the employee is requesting simple vacation time.

After being filled in, it is a good idea for this letter to be printed, signed, and handed to a supervisor. It can also be downloaded and attached to an email.


Applicable law

Labour laws in India are generally covered by the relevant Shops and Establishments Act and Factories Act, 1948 of the states. However, individual vacation and time-off policies will be specific to each employer, and in addition to the state laws.

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