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How to Register a Company?

16 May 2023 - Category: Business Structure

Registering a business in the Philippines can seem like a daunting task, but it is essential to ensure that the business is legitimate and compliant with local laws and regulations. Here are the basic steps to register a business: Before an aspiring business owner can register his business, he needs to decide on the legal structure of the company. [...]

Dismissing an Employee

29 July 2019 - Category: Human Resources and Employment Law

Dismissing an employee in the Philippines is not like the movies: an employer cannot just call in an employee to dismiss him for any reason that they can think of, or worse, for no reason at all. Under Philippine law, an employee may only be dismissed for specific reasons and the proper procedure should be followed. [...]

The Difference Between Independent Contractors and Employees

23 May 2019 - Category: Employment Contracts

Significant changes are happening in the Philippine workforce over recent years as more freelancers and professional independent contractors enter the market. It is becoming more important for businesses to know the difference between employees and independent contractors in order to properly comply with legal requirements. [...]