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Parking Ticket Appeal Letter

Last revision Last revision 22/01/2024
Formats FormatsWord and PDF
Size Size1 page
Fill out the template

Last revisionLast revision: 22/01/2024

FormatsAvailable formats: Word and PDF

SizeSize: 1 page

Fill out the template

The purpose of this document is to appeal a parking ticket and thereby relieve the individual facing charges for wrong parking to pay a parking fine. A parking ticket in its turn is a document issued by the respective county council confirming the right of the individual to park a vehicle in the specific place and time.

This document can be used where the Sender considers that they have been issued a parking ticket unfairly or without due cause. Parking tickets, fine and appeals of parking tickets are processed by the County Council of the county in which the ticket was issued. Accordingly, this letter is addressed to the County Council of the county in which the parking ticket was issued.

Parking restrictions apply throughout the towns and cities of Ireland. The Road Traffic Act 1994 makes the local authority responsible for drawing up these parking bylaws and assigning parking fees in particular areas. Every local authority website details the parking restrictions and the type of pay parking (pay and display, park by text, parking tag etc) in place in the areas they control.

As a general rule, during the working hours, vehicles are prohibited from parking in towns in such a way that would obstruct other vehicles' right of way, or obstruct bus lanes or loading zones. In streets where there is restricted parking, the local authority installs signs to clearly indicate that parking is restricted during certain times of day. Parking designated as 'disabled parking' is off limits to all vehicles except those with the appropriate permits. Other grounds for issuing parking tickets include, failing to pay for parking where a parking charge is in place, parking in a residents only area or parking in a restricted area for longer than is permitted.

How to Use this Document:

This Parking Ticket Appeal Letter can be drafted in the form of an email or postal letter. The Sender can select which format they prefer. If sent as a postal letter, this document should be sent to the address of the County Council that issued the ticket. If sent as an email, this document should be sent to that County Council's email address, available on their website.

The Sender should fill in this document carefully with reference to the parking ticket. Consult the parking ticket when citing the specific infraction for which the ticket was issued.

This letter (or email) should be sent as soon as possible, no more than 28 days after the ticket was issued. After 28 days passes, most County Councils will refuse to consider the appeal. Moreover if the fine is not paid within 28 - 30 days, the total cost of the fine will increase. As such it is important to send the appeal letter as soon as possible.

Any evidence (photos, letters of support or confirmation, other documentation) that can be used to fortify the Sender's claim that the imposition of the fine is unfair should be attached to the present document.

Such documentation might include a photo the car where the car was parked when the ticket was issued, to attest to the fact it was parked within a permitted zone. Perhaps there was a medical emergency requiring a brief, illegal park, in which case a medical letter attesting this fact could be attached to the document. If the parking ticket machine was out of order, a photo or video of the non-functional machine should be included in the appeal.

Governing Law:

There is no specific legislation governing the appeal of parking tickets.

The Road Traffic Act 2010 implements a 'fixed charge' system for traffic and parking offences.

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