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What's the Difference Between an Employee and an Independent Contractor?

March 27, 2023 - Category: Employment Contracts

The workforce is a very important part of Nigerian economic development as many industries largely depend on them for their growth. A country's workforce is divided into two main categories- Employees and Independent Contractors or Service providers. [...]

Covenants of Landlords and Tenants under the Law

August 10, 2022 - Category: Housing and Real Estate

Finding accommodation that fits one's specifications can be extremely difficult. The person will consider the size and location of the rental property, rent, use of the property, and other salient features of the property. [...]

How to Evict a Tenant Lawfully

August 10, 2022 - Category: Housing and Real Estate

Ejecting a tenant can be a very daunting task and many landlords and agents usually resort to self help. Self help is the ultimate use of ones efforts to evict a tenant from their premises and this includes: changing the key locks of the tenant's building, mobilizing uniformed personnel to forcefully remove the tenant and their belongings from the premises, seizing the tenant's property and/or employing other forceful ejection mechanisms. [...]

How to Recover Money from a Debtor

February 28, 2022 - Category: General Business Documents

In the world of business, it is difficult and almost impossible to complete a transaction without advancing loans or delivering goods and services on credit. No matter what sector you operate, you might come in contact with clients or customers that owe you for goods or services sold to them or for the loan advanced to them. [...]

What to do if you Can't Pay Rent because of the COVID-19/Coronavirus Outbreak?

February 28, 2022 - Category: Housing and Real Estate

The Coronavirus/COVIDS-19 outbreak, has in the past few months, infected millions of persons and claimed the lives of more than 200,000 persons around the world. This outbreak has had far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the virus. [...]

How to Choose the Best Legal Structure for your Business

February 28, 2022 - Category: Business Structure

Organizations are established for various purposes, such as for the provision of goods or services, for philanthropic causes, and other valid reasons involving profit-making. Starting a business can be a difficult task as the founder is required to take complex steps and adhere to the various regulatory compliance. [...]

How to Form a Company

February 28, 2022 - Category: Business Structure

Establishing a business is one of the most fulfilling things in the life of every entrepreneur, as this involves putting their thoughts, invention and ideas into reality. Every individual intending to start a business has the option of registering their business as a company or business name. [...]

Estate Planning: Meaning, Forms and Benefits

February 28, 2022 - Category: Marriage, Divorce and Family

A vast majority of people believe they do not require estate planning and that it is only for the wealthy. Estate planning is for everyone, not just the wealthy and it is a plan a person makes for the management and administration of their property during their lifetime and after their death. [...]

The Procedure for Transferring Company Shares

January 31, 2022 - Category: General Business Documents

Shares are units of ownership interests in a company that makes up a company's share capital. They are the tangible properties that are capable of being transferred to another by way of sale or gift. [...]

Company Meetings: Forms and Essentials of a Valid Meeting

January 31, 2022 - Category: General Business Documents

A company is a separate legal entity that is formed by two or more persons to operate a commercial enterprise. A company is made up of directors and members who see to the management and organization of the company. [...]

Who Can Act as Company Secretary?

August 31, 2021 - Category: General Business Documents

Under the common law, the duties of the company secretary was merely administrative, with no real authority to bind the company. However, in recent times, the position of a company secretary has evolved from mere clerks to officers with binding legal authority. [...]

How to Terminate an Employment Contract

July 29, 2021 - Category: Human Resources and Employment Law

Every good thing must come to an end. A person who has been hired may be laid-off one day. [...]

How to Acquire Real Property in Nigeria

June 22, 2021 - Category: Housing and Real Estate

The scarcity of land has made real estate a very priced commodity with enormous economic value. This is because the cost of land or building increases over the years, which makes real estate transactions one of the most complex transactions in the world today. [...]

Essential Elements of a Valid Lease

June 22, 2021 - Category: Housing and Real Estate

Housing is one of the most important requirement for human survival. As the world population increases, the demand for accommodation rises. [...]

How to Keep a Trade Secret Confidential

June 22, 2021 - Category: Commercial Activity

Every organization possesses commercially valuable information that makes them unique and different from its competitors. This is called a trade secret. [...]

What should I do if I Can't Afford Employees Salaries during the Covid-19/Coronavirus Crisis?

May 10, 2021 - Category: Human Resources and Employment Law

One of the greatest challenges a business faces is the ability to pay salaries and provide employment benefits in difficult times. The employer has the obligation to pay remuneration even when business is bad or there is no business at all. [...]

Protection of Employee Data

May 10, 2021 - Category: Human Resources and Employment Law

From the recruitment of new employees to termination, employers collect and maintain a wide range of employee data. Data are personal or sensitive information collected by employers, such as an employee's date of birth, medical records and other personal information. [...]