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Repairs on the Leased Property

27 August 2019 - Category: Renovation and Repairs

A pipe bursts in the kitchen sink, or maybe the air conditioning that came with the leased property has stopped working properly, who will be responsible for the repairs? The answer lies in the lease agreement (or the sublease agreement) between the landlord (or the "lessor") and the person renting the property (the "lessee"). [...]

When the Rent is not Paid

15 August 2019 - Category: Housing and Real Estate

So the lessee (the person renting the property) has missed one rent payment, maybe even more, what can the landlord do? Most landlords would send a payment reminder to the lessee to remind them to pay the rent. [...]

Resigning from Employment

17 July 2019 - Category: Work and Employment

An employee may want to resign from their employment for cause or without just cause. If the employee will resign for just cause, then the employee may leave their employment without any notice to the employer. [...]