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Permission to Work Form for Minors

Last revision Last revision 04/02/2024
Formats FormatsWord and PDF
Size Size5 to 7 pages
Fill out the template

Last revisionLast revision: 04/02/2024

FormatsAvailable formats: Word and PDF

SizeSize: 5 to 7 pages

Fill out the template

A Permission to Work Form for Minors is a document through which a minor receives permission to legally work. The document will usually need to pass through the two legally important areas in the minor's life: home and school. In other words, this document is to be signed not only by the parent or guardian of the minor, but also by the minor's school, if the minor is currently enrolled.

Importantly, this document is customized to reflect the laws of each state, depending on the state selected. In other words, no matter what specific state is selected, the document provides a bullet-point version of that state's most relevant laws on minors working.

Please be advised: The Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as most states, set the minimum age of employment for minors at 14. If a minor is younger than 14, they may not be allowed to legally work.

This is different than an Employment Agreement. An Employment Agreement is a document whereby an individual or company contracts to hire a legal adult. Minors generally do not contract for work through Employment Agreements and in fact, can not do so without their parent or guardian's consent.

Initially, this document should be filled out by the parent or guardian of a minor, in conjunction with the minor, as they will need to oversee the entire permission process.


How to use this document

This document can be used for a minor or parent/guardian of a minor looking for an all-inclusive document to provide permission to the minor's employer. This document must go through several parties: the minor themselves, the parent/guardian, the employer and supervisor to certify as to the minor's job title and hours, and finally, if the minor is in high school, to the minor's school to get permission from the principal.

This document will cover any type of job or situation for a minor working - in other words, it is not restricted to a certain type of job or activity.

The details of the minor's employment will be entered here, including employer name and job title. Additional questions will be asked to fill out information such as the minor's high school, if applicable.

When this document is filled out completely through the form, it should be printed so it can then be signed by each required party. Usually, these types of documents are kept on file at the minor's place of employment by the employer.


Applicable law

Permission to Work for minors is governed by both state and federal law, as outlined in the text of the document itself. The United States government covers many aspects of minors working, include restrictions on types of jobs and hours, under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Each state, then, has individual state laws governing minors, as well, including those areas which may not be covered by federal law.


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