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Letter of Resignation

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Letter of Resignation

A Letter of Resignation is used when an employee wants to leave their current position of employment for a new job. Often, especially in professional positions, letters of resignation are required in order to properly memorialize the employee's terms and conditions for leaving. Although verbal resignation is generally given in most employment situations, a Letter of Resignation finalizes the resignation and gives the employer something to keep in the employee's file. Because a Letter of Resignation also contains the employee's details of departure, the employer will be able to refer to it to help plan the employee's transition.

In a letter of resignation, along with the employee informing the employer that they are leaving, other details are covered such as when the last day of employment will be. Generally, the employee can include as much or as little information as they would like, being sure to given the employer as much as is necessary.

How to use this document

Use this document when you have decided to leave your current job for a new one. Keep in mind that you may be subject to certain requirements about when to send your letter of resignation, so you may want to check on that as soon as you have decided to leave your job. Once you know about the timing, however, this letter will enable you to create a robust record of the terms of your departure.

In this Letter of Resignation, you'll be able to fill out pertinent details, such as how long you have worked at the current position, as well as when you are leaving. If you so choose, you will also be able to enter information about why you are leaving your current job and how you plan to help transition out or how you plan to handle the remainder of your work. These details are optional, however, so the letter can be as basic or as complex as you would like.

Applicable law

There are no laws outlining what must be put into a letter of resignation. There are, however, some overall accepted practices for creating such documents, including ensuring adequacy of information for the employer and having a professional presentation, both of which are done for you in this Letter of Resignation.

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