Important Clauses to Review before Signing a Service Agreement

17th May 2021 - Category: Sales and Commerce

If you are a service provider who has many different clients, it's likely you've signed a Service Agreement before. If you are an individual or have a small business without permanent employees, you may hire service providers a lot. [...]

How to Protect your Business's Secret Information

2nd February 2021 - Category: Sales and Commerce

Whether your business is a well established one or a startup, it is likely you have a variety of information that you may want to protect. You might have customer and supplier lists, sensitive financial information, or information about business opportunities. [...]

Legal Considerations when Working with Contractors

1st February 2021 - Category: Sales and Commerce

Most people in Australia hire contractors at one time or another. Many hire them personally, to mow the lawn, renovate the kitchen, walk the dog or run personal training sessions. [...]

What's the Difference Between a Loan Agreement and a Promissory Note?

21st January 2021 - Category: Sales and Commerce

Most Australians will have some experience with loans of some form or another. Even if you've never signed a formal document, you may have borrowed money from a friend or family member, or may have lent a few dollars here or there. [...]

What is a Memorandum of Understanding and is it Legally Binding?

29th May 2020 - Category: Sales and Commerce

A Memorandum of Understanding (also known as an "MOU" or a "Heads of Agreement") is a very useful document in many business transactions. It is an informal document, outlining the basic terms of a deal, but not going as far as a formal contract does. [...]

How to Get your Debtor to Pay

4th July 2019 - Category: Sales and Commerce

Chasing debtors is unfortunately an all too common part of running a business in Australia. You've done the work and sent an invoice, but the client has ignored it. [...]