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Public Personality Performance Contract

Last revision Last revision 29/02/2024
Formats FormatsWord and PDF
Size Size7 to 10 pages
Fill out the template

Last revisionLast revision: 29/02/2024

FormatsAvailable formats: Word and PDF

SizeSize: 7 to 10 pages

Fill out the template

A public personality performance contract is a document used by a client who wishes to hire an artist or simply a public personality to make an appearance or perform at their event. Typically, this type of contract is used whenever an artist or public personality, such as a musician, comedian, or other types of entertainers, performs at a private or commercial event. Some common events that may require the use of a public personality performance contract include a book signing, wedding, concert, corporate event such as a company party or family reunion, etc.

An appearance contract can be used by individuals and businesses, such as entertainment venues and event managers, to define the terms and conditions of the public personality's appearance. These contracts can also be used by the public personality themselves or by a company that manages the career and appearances of the public personality. For example, a married couple, or a wedding planner, may use a performance contract to have their favourite singer come and sing at their wedding and then sign autographs at the reception.

The use of a performance contract is helpful for all parties involved, as it protects everyone's interests in scheduling the performance and dealing with possible setbacks, such as cancellations, accidents, illnesses or other unforeseen events. Often, individuals enter into business relationships without having put all the details of the relationship between the parties in writing. By discussing the details of the agreement in advance, the client and artist can ensure that their needs and wishes regarding the performance are known and respected.

This document is a general-purpose performance contract and can be used for any type of artist.

How do I use this document?

This document covers all the important information needed for an individual or company planning an event to establish a business relationship with a public personality they wish to have appeared at their event, including the following details:

  • Identifying information relevant to all parties involved;
  • Details of the appearance, including the number of events, dates and times, location of the event, and details about the performance itself;
  • Designation of responsibility for the provision of equipment necessary for the public personality to perform satisfactorily at the appearance;
  • Description of any expenses of the public personality related to the performance that will be paid by the client, such as transportation, hotels and airfare;
  • Amount of compensation the public personality will receive, such as a flat fee, a percentage of gross ticket sales, a combination of both, or some other form of compensation;
  • Terms and conditions for the termination of the contract or cancellation of the appearance.

The client and the public personality can discuss the terms of the agreement and create and sign the final agreement before the appearance takes place. After entering the required information, the contract is printed and signed by both parties, who then keep it on file for the duration of the contract and for a reasonable period thereafter.

Applicable Law

All service agreements, such as a performance contract where a public figure provides a service of public appearance, are subject to federal, provincial and territorial laws that cover general contract principles governing how contracts are created and interpreted by the courts. While federal laws may restrict what services can be contracted for (for example, illegal services cannot be contracted for) and certain general categories, such as contracting for something more like an employment relationship, the laws of the various Canadian provinces and territories may govern the interpretation of the contract in the event of a dispute.

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