When the Rent is not Paid

16 May 2024 - Category: Housing and Real Estate

So the lessee (the person renting the property) has missed one rent payment, maybe even more, what can the landlord do? Most landlords would send a payment reminder to the lessee to remind them to pay the rent. [...]

Repairs on the Leased Property

16 May 2024 - Category: Renovation and Repairs

A pipe burst in the kitchen sink, or maybe the air conditioning that came with the leased property has stopped working properly, who will be responsible for the repairs? The answer lies in the lease agreement (or the sublease agreement) between the landlord (or the "lessor") and the person renting the property (the "lessee"). [...]

Two Types of Ejectment

6 May 2024 - Category: Housing and Real Estate

There can be some confusion about the type of ejectment case that should be filed against a person who is unlawfully possessing a property from the owner or its legal possessor. But what is ejectment? [...]

The Security Deposit

25 April 2024 - Category: Housing and Real Estate

Security deposits are usually required in lease agreements. But what are they and is there a limit to how much they can be? [...]

How to Change the Landlord or the Tenant in a Lease Agreement?

18 December 2023 - Category: Housing and Real Estate

When circumstances arise requiring a change in the parties of a lease agreement, understanding the procedures is important to protect the rights of all parties concerned. Whether due to changes in property ownership, the need for a tenant to transfer their lease or sublet the property, or other factors, the process of changing the involved parties in a lease agreement demands careful consideration and adherence to legal requirements. [...]