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Photography Services Agreement

Last revision Last revision 01/23/2024
Formats FormatsWord and PDF
Size Size5 to 7 pages
Fill out the template

Last revisionLast revision: 01/23/2024

FormatsAvailable formats: Word and PDF

SizeSize: 5 to 7 pages

Fill out the template

A Photography Services Agreement is a document used by a photographer and their client when the services of the photographer is engaged for some purpose. This could be to capture photos for an event or to help in the marketing and promotions of the business of the client. The services of a photographer can be engaged for any reason but for whatever reason it is, it is important that an agreement is made between the photographer and the client so that the obligations and expectations of both parties can be agreed upon in advance.

This agreement can be used for most purposes. It also includes a confidentiality clause, in the event that the confidentiality of the images or event is important. This could important for product shoots or marketing campaigns but, it could also be for the simple privacy of the client.

How to use this document

The user should enter all the information necessary to complete the document (including the names of the parties, the schedule and venue for the event, and the fee, among others. Once the document is completed, the photographer and client should review the information to make sure that (1) all the information is correct and (2) that they agree to all the terms included in the agreement. If the information is correct and both parties agree to the terms, both the photographer and the client should sign the agreement.

Notarizing the document

This document also has the option to include an Acknowledgment. When a document is acknowledged before a notary public, it shall be considered authentic, meaning, no other evidence is necessary to prove its authenticity. Acknowledging this document is optional.

If the parties choose to acknowledge this document before a notary public, the parties (or their representatives) should:

(1) personally appear before the notary public with at least 3 signed original copies of the document;

(2) present a current identification document that was issued by an official agency bearing the photograph and signature of each party (or representative), such as a passport; and

(3) represent to the notary public that the signatures on the document was voluntarily affixed by them as their free and voluntary act. If a representative signed the document, then they must also represent that they have the authority to sign as a representative.

Applicable law

The Civil Code of the Philippines applies to contracts and obligations. The Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines as well as other special laws, rules, and regulations relating to intellectual property may also apply.

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Fill out the template