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Au Pair Agreement

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Last revision 20/01/2021
Formats Word and PDF
Size 7 to 11 pages
Rating 4.6 - 6 votes
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Last revision: 20/01/2021

Size: 7 to 11 pages

Available formats: Word and PDF

Option: Help from a lawyer

Rating: 4.6 - 6 votes

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Au Pair Agreement

This document can be used to set out the terms by which an au pair may come to live with and work for a host family, and also act as a letter of invitation to be used by the au pair when travelling.

The document can be amended to reflect the key aspects of the agreement including:

  • hours to be worked;
  • pocket money/allowance;
  • travel arrangements;
  • days off;
  • holiday arrangements;
  • educational and cultural experience;
  • necessary qualifications or experience;
  • necessary clean criminal record; and
  • health insurance

Please note that in all cases the host family must be careful to distinguish arrangements in which the 'au pair' may actually be considered to be an employee. In such circumstances the host family may be required to comply with employers' legal obligations to employees including those on pay, national insurance, holiday, leave and pension requirements.

If the au pair is to be considered an employee, it would be more appropriate to use an employment contract to define the relationship between the employer and employee more clearly.

Typically an au pair is unlikely to be classed as a worker or an employee if most of the following apply:

  • they have entered the UK on a Youth Mobility visa or student visa;
  • they're here on a cultural exchange programme;
  • they've got a signed letter of invitation from the host family that includes details of their stay, for example free accommodation, living conditions, approximate working hours, free time, pocket money;
  • they learn about British culture from the host family and share their own culture with them;
  • they have their own private room in the house, provided free of charge;
  • they eat their main meals with the host family, free of charge;
  • they help with light housework and childcare for around 30 hours a week, including a couple of evenings babysitting;
  • they get reasonable pocket money;
  • they can attend English language classes at a local college in their spare time;
  • they're allowed time to study and can practise their English with the host family;
  • they sometimes go on holiday with the host family and help look after the children;
  • they can travel home to see their family during the year;

In all circumstances the au pair should consider whether they are required to pay national insurance and income tax. Further advice can be found on the website. The au pair and the host family should also consider relevant health insurance for the au pair during their stay.


How to use this document

The host family should sign and date two copies of the letter of invitation. They should then send two copies of the letter of invitation and the statement of terms to the au pair. The au pair should carefully read and understand the contents of both the letter of invitation and the statement of terms. The au pair should then sign both copies of the letter and invitation and return one of the signed copies to the host family. Each party should retain a signed copy.

The au pair should carry a copy of the letter when travelling to the host family.


Any Applicable Law

Contract Law

UK Guidance on Au Pairs


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