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Agreement for Offering Live Seminars Fill out the template

Agreement for Offering Live Seminars

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Last revision 08/08/2019
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Last revision: 08/08/2019

Size: 7 to 10 pages

Available formats: Word and PDF

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Agreement for Offering Live Seminars

An Agreement for Offering Live Seminars is a document through which the provider of a live seminar, called the "Seminar Provider," lays out all of the requirements for attendees and participants. These documents are not negotiated documents - in other words, the parties don't sit and come together to discuss the terms of the document. Rather, it is simply drafted by the seminar provider and either posted online, if the live seminar is online, or given to the seminar participants in person.

In an Agreement for Offering Live Seminars, all of the details of the actual seminar are covered as well as additional contractual terms to govern the parties' relationship. There are only two parties in this type of Agreement, the seminar provider and the attendee/participant. The agreement will detail everything related to the seminar, such as the seminar name, the start and end dates (if applicable) and times, the web address, if the seminar is online, the total cost if the seminar is paid, etc. This is important so that the participant/attendee can ensure everything looks good before signing up for the seminar.

This document also contains standard contractual provisions: things like a limitation on liability and intellectual property protection for the seminar provider, as well as some rules for the attendee/participant.

This document is different than a Speaking Engagement Agreement because there, a person or group is hiring another just to come give a speech. That document doesn't have room to contract with those attending. Here, a person or group that offers live seminars is contracting with their attendees for the whole seminar.


How to use this document

This document can be used by a seminar provider, looking for a well-drafted agreement to cover a live seminar. It's not a great idea for any participant or attendee of the live seminar to fill this out, as the seminar provider should be the one that has full control over the terms with no negotiation by the participant or attendee. In fact, because this is one document used for all attendees and participants, it won't be signed, and will instead be provided as a notice document.

The input for this document is quick and easy: first, general seminar details are asked about, and then additional questions regarding specific terms applicable to attendance at the seminar. The document contains all the terms required to protect the seminar provider and properly govern the agreement between the seminar provider and any attendee or participant of the seminar.

When this document is filled out, it is a good idea to simply post it online on the URL where the seminar will be provided, if the seminar is online, or to print it out and give each attendee a hard copy.


Applicable law

Although there is not one set of laws or regulations outlining what must be contained in an Agreement for Offering Live Seminars, these documents will be covered both by state law, for general contract principles and liability for physical events, as well as, if the seminar is online, federal law overseen by the Federal Trade Commission governing online disclosures, disclaimers, and advertising.


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