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Change of Address Letter

Last revision Last revision 03/04/2024
Formats FormatsWord and PDF
Size Size1 page
4.8 - 146 votes
Fill out the template

Last revisionLast revision: 03/04/2024

FormatsAvailable formats: Word and PDF

SizeSize: 1 page

Rating: 4.8 - 146 votes

Fill out the template

This Change of Address Letter is a letter used to inform business or personal contacts of a change of address. This letter can be used for someone who is moving and would like to notify friends, family, and business associated of their updated address. It can be especially important to inform contacts such as doctors offices, health insurance, banks, creditors, and other such organizations so that no important mail is missed due to being delivered to the old address. This letter may also be used if a business is changing addresses and the owner would like to inform their customers or clients of the change.

How to Use This Document

This document has all of the information necessary to create a comprehensive change of address letter. The letter collects important information including the following: sender's name, former address, new address, the date the new address will be effective, and any other contact-related information, such as phone numbers or email addresses. The sender can also choose to include an account number of applicable. Once the letter is completed, it should be sent to the following institutions and organizations so the sender can avoid an interruption in receiving their mail:

  • Credit Union
  • Bank
  • IRS
  • Life insurance
  • Automobile insurance
  • Clients
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Doctors and sentists
  • Utility companys

Once the letter is completed, it should be mailed via certified mail and a copy kept for the purpose of recordkeeping. Ideally, this letter should be sent prior to moving so that institutions have a chance to update their records before the move and mail will continue to be delivered seemlessly.

Applicable law

Change of address notification is dictated primarily by state law. Almost all states have laws regarding the timeframe during which an individual is required to update their address. These laws can be found on the state department of motor vehicle websites.

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