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Group Program Agreement

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Last revision: 04/02/2020

Size: 8 to 11 pages

Available formats: Word and PDF

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Group Program Agreement

A Group Program Agreement is a general, but beneficial document through which the organizer of a group program - any group program - can put down some terms for people participating in the group program within a written document. A group program can be anything: imagine things like an online program that meets in a Facebook group once weekly to discuss anxiety, a health and wellness group which meets in person for a weeklong event once every six months, or even just a regular monthly book club.

A Group Program Agreement allows the organizer of the group program, who may be an individual or a business, to set up the expectations for the group members in all things, from payment to general organizational rules, if applicable. These agreements are almost always one-sided, in that there is no negotiation and organizer just decides the terms and then posts the applicable agreement somewhere where all members can view it easily.

These days, many group programs are being held exclusively online, where the members and the organizer might not all know each other. Therefore, a Group Program Agreement is an excellent idea to ensure that all parties know what to expect and how to behave.


How to use this document

This document can be used for any type of group program, as mentioned above, and any type of organizer.

Within this Group Program Agreement, provisions covering all the details of the group program will be entered: name, description, if it is a physical program, things such as location, accommodations, etc. There are also standard contractual clauses that cover the organizer in a comprehensive fashion and ensure that the participants of the group program know they are agreeing to certain legal protections for the organizer, such as indemnification and arbitration.

After this document is filled out with the most information possible, it should be posted in a conspicuous location and all group members should be directed to it. Conversely, it could also be printed out and handed to each group member. The best location will depend on the specifics of the group.

Some common examples are as follows:

  • For a Facebook group, the agreement could be posted in the "Documents" section
  • For an online web group, the agreement could have its own page on the website
  • For a Meetup group, the agreement could be posted within the group or emailed to all new members
  • For physical programs, the agreement can be given, in hard copy, to each of the members


Applicable law

Group Program Agreements are covered by general contract principles but also are most often subject to the laws of the individual state where the organizer is primarily located. Group Programs can cover a variety of different topics, so there will likely not be one specific law governing all Group Program Agreements.


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