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Do I Need to Sign a Confidentiality Agreement?

11th December 2019 - Category: Business Management

A Confidentiality Agreement is a common legal document in Australia. If you are involved in business in Australia, whether as an employee, a partner, a service provider, or a business owner, then you are likely to come across confidentiality agreements quite frequently. [...]

Should I Lend Money to Friends or Family?

7th December 2019 - Category: Business Management

Lending money to friends and family is common in Australia. In the right circumstances, it can provide help in a time of need, and can be a satisfying way to assist someone that you care about. [...]

How to Transfer Business Ownership

26th July 2019 - Category: Business Management

Business transfers happen regularly in Australia, and can take many different forms. Businesses may be bought and sold on the open market, transferred to children or other family members, or restructured resulting in a transfer from one legal entity to another. [...]