Sharing the Care of Children after Divorce

28th July 2023 - Category: Marriage, Divorce and Family

Navigating through a divorce can be challenging for everyone involved, especially for children. In Australia, the legal system offers guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of children is prioritised during this difficult period. [...]

How to Sell your Car?

9th March 2022 - Category: Daily Life

Many people that decide to sell their vehicle focus on one thing: the asking price! Often, vehicles are sold so that we can buy new ones or to make a little extra cash on a car that is no longer being used. [...]

When, why, and how to Review, Revoke, or Change a Will

22nd February 2022 - Category: Marriage, Divorce and Family

Once you prepare your will, it can remain in effect until you die, change it, or revoke it. In some cases, a change in your circumstances, such as a marriage or divorce, can cause your will to be revoked. [...]

Where there's a Will, there's a Way: Exploring the Importance of Estate Planning

21st July 2021 - Category: Marriage, Divorce and Family

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that details how a person's assets and property will be distributed after their death. The person whose assets are distributed in the Will, is called the "Testator". [...]

Must the Landlord Give a Rent Receipt?

9th November 2019 - Category: Housing and Property

A rent receipt is a simple document which a landlord (the owner of the property) may provide to a tenant (the person renting the property), to confirm that the tenant has paid rent. Rent receipts can give tenants evidence that they have submitted payments to the landlord as required. [...]

Legal Considerations when Children Travel Abroad Without Parents

9th November 2019 - Category: Marriage, Divorce and Family

There are many reasons why Australian children might be travelling without one or more of their parents. Perhaps one parent is travelling with the child, and the other parent had to stay home. [...]

How Can an Employee Terminate an Employment Agreement?

1st October 2019 - Category: Work and Employment

There are many reasons an employee in Australia may want to resign from their employment. The employee might have been offered a new job, or might be moving to a new location, taking up some study, retiring, or might simply not want to work for the employer any more. [...]

Main Obligations and Duties of Employers and Employees

19th September 2019 - Category: Work and Employment

An employment relationship is primarily something to be agreed between the employer and the employee. Each party will have various rights and obligations, and these are usually set out in writing, in an Employment Agreement or in a Letter of Offer of Employment. [...]

Do my Warranties against Defects Comply with the Changes to the Australian Consumer Law?

12th June 2019 - Category: Consumer Issues

The Australian Consumer Law ("ACL") is set out in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and provides various protections for Australian consumers. Most businesses in Australia are required to comply with the ACL, and failure to comply can carry hefty penalties. [...]