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Content Withdrawal Request

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Last revision: Last week

Size: 1 page

Available formats: Word and PDF

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Content Withdrawal Request

A content withdrawal request is a document by which a person can request the removal of unauthorized written content from a website or mobile application.

Usually, content removal requests are sent when the sender of the letter owns the copyright of the written content and the recipient of the letter has posted it online without the sender's permission. However, this is not always the case, as content removal requests may also be sent for other reasons.

This content removal request is distinct from a letter of cessation and forbearance with regarding intellectual property. It is therefore not a formal legal request to cease and desist from infringing intellectual property rights, otherwise there may be other legal consequences. In this case, the sender simply requests that the unauthorized content be removed from a website or mobile application. If the sender is the copyright owner, he can take other measures, but the main purpose of this letter is simply to have the content removed. It is similar to a request for image removal, but in this case, only an image is targeted for removal, not written content.

How to use this document ?

This document is quite short and simple, it requires only basic identifying information about the sender and recipient of the removal request, as well as the electronic link (URL) or name of the application where the unauthorized content is posted, and the reason for the content removal request.

It is possible that after receipt of this letter, the recipient may not immediately remove the content. If this occurs, the sender may need to consider taking further legal action if the content is copyrighted and infringed.

This request may be sent in the form of an e-mail or regular letter. If sent as a letter, it must be printed and signed. If the sender wishes, he can attach a copy of the material that he wishes to have removed from the website or mobile application. Attaching a copy of the material (e.g. a photo of the web page) is deemed useful.

Applicable Law

There is no specific law regulating what should be included in a content removal request. However, it is a good idea to give the recipient of the request as much information as possible to help them quickly locate and retrieve unauthorized content.

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