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Monetary Demand Letter

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Last revision: 02/18/2020

Size: 1 page

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Monetary Demand Letter

A Monetary Demand Letter is used when an individual owes another party money, and that party needs to get it back. Often, people find themselves in situations where they have loaned out money to a personal friend or family member, and after repeatedly asking for repayment, they are ignored. A written Monetary Demand Letter can help when multiple phone calls or other requests to get the money back have been made, to no avail.

A Monetary Demand Letter can be sent in almost any circumstance where money needs to be recovered, such as in the circumstance of a loan repayment, or an advancement on a sale, or a general sale of goods or services, or anything else that would require repayment of funds. There are a few common situations where monetary repayment might be needed, addressed in this letter, but the details of any other specific situation can be entered in full.

Monetary Demand Letters can be used as a first written step in attempting to recover funds from someone, before deciding to pursue further legal action.


How to use this document

This document can be used when a written record of request for repayment is needed. Using this document will be more effective than continuing to make non-written requests when someone has refused to pay funds due. Having a written letter will help if further steps are needed, like litigation.

In this Monetary Demand Letter, details about the reason that repayment is necessary will be entered. Additionally, information about why the advancement of funds was made in the first place, and other details, such as the date it was made, will be included.


Applicable law

There are no laws outlining what must be put into a Monetary Demand Letter in the United States. It's best practice to include as much information as possible to give the recipient of the letter an accurate picture of why they need to remit the funds immediately.


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