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Notice to Enter

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Notice to Enter

A Notice to Enter is a document through which a landlord gives notice to a tenant that the landlord plans to enter the leased property. Notice to enter an occupied property must, in all cases, be in writing, so that the landlord has a record of the notice and the tenant unequivocally receives it.

Landlords may have many different reasons to enter a tenant's property, including to make repairs, to inspect the premises, to manage a pest control issue, or even to show the space to potential new tenants or buyers. The Notice to Enter should contain information that explains to the tenant why the landlord needs to enter.

This document is quite simple and contains just the details of the parties and the leased property, as well as the date and time of planned entry, and finally, as noted above, the reason for the landlord's entry.


How to use this document

This Notice to Enter will easily organize all of the facts required to allow a landlord to create a document to give the tenant notice of entry.

As noted above, this is a simple document containing just the basic information needed: party information, entry information, and reason for entry.

This document is state-specific. After it is filled out, it should be printed, signed by the landlord, and provided to the tenant.


Applicable law

Lease Agreements in the United States are subject to the laws of the individual state and therefore, so is the Notice to Enter. Individual state laws generally govern how much notice a landlord is required to give the tenant for entry and sometimes, for what reasons a landlord may enter.


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