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Late Rent Notice

Last revision Last revision 01/24/2024
Formats FormatsWord and PDF
Size Size1 page
Fill out the template

Last revisionLast revision: 01/24/2024

FormatsAvailable formats: Word and PDF

SizeSize: 1 page

Fill out the template

A Late Rent Notice is used by a landlord when a tenant is late in paying the rent. It serves as a written reminder to the tenant to pay the rent as agreed upon in the lease agreement.

The Late Rent Notice contains the date when the rent is due, the number of days that the tenant is late in paying the rent, and the amount that is due, including any penalties that the tenant incurred.

If the landlord wants to evict a tenant, the landlord should use a demand letter. A demand letter not only requires the payment of rent but should also make a demand to vacate the property.

How to use this document

Use this document to remind the tenant that he has failed to pay the rent to the leased property. The user will be asked to enter the general information of the tenant and the landlord such as their names, address, and contact information. It will also include information on the amounts that need to be paid by the tenant.

Once completed, the landlord can send the document to the tenant by email, mail, or personal delivery.

The Late Rent Notice is not sufficient to fulfill the requirement of a demand to vacate in eviction proceedings.

Applicable Law

There are no laws outlining the requirements for a Late Rent Notice. A Late Rent Notice does not fulfill the requirement of a demand letter for eviction proceedings however it can be used as evidence of non-payment of rent in judicial proceedings.

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