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Telecommuting Policy in Light of Covid-19/Coronavirus Fill out the template

Telecommuting Policy in Light of Covid-19/Coronavirus

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Last revision 11/29/2022
Formats Word and PDF
Size 4 to 6 pages
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About the template

Last revision: 11/29/2022

Size: 4 to 6 pages

Available formats: Word and PDF

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Telecommuting Policy in Light of Covid-19/Coronavirus

The Telecommuting Policy or Telecommuting Program is a document that outlines the guidelines and rules for implementing telecommuting in an workplace.

Telecommuting is an arrangement between an employer and an employee that allows the employee to perform their duties and responsibilities in an alternative workplace. An alternative workplace is a location that is outside of the employee's regular place of work. An example of an alternative workplace is the employee's home.

Employers should report the adoption of all telecommuting work arrangements to the Department of Labor and Employment ("DOLE").

Take note that this is not a telecommuting agreement between the employer and an employee. This document simply serves as a guideline for drafting said telecommuting agreement.

This document is specifically drafted for circumstances relating to COVID-19 or the Coronavirus.

How to use this document

The user should enter all the information necessary to complete this document. Once completed, this document should be reviewed and then distributed to all concerned employees.

Applicable laws

The Labor Code of the Philippines is the general law that governs employment in the Philippines. However, Republic Act No. 11165 (the "Telecommuting Act") and Department Order No. 202, Series of 2019 (the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 11165) specifically governs all telecommuting arrangements between an employer and an employee in the private sector.

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