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Complaint Letter to Service Provider

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Last revision 09/15/2020
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Last revision: 09/15/2020

Size: 1 page

Available formats: Word and PDF

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Complaint Letter to Service Provider

A Complaint Letter To A Service Provider is for situations in which someone that hired a service provider had a bad experience and would like to request a refund or other resolution. A service provider is anyone that is contracted to provide a service, and service providers can be in all different industries. For example, a lawyer is a service provider, and so is a dog-walker or babysitter. If someone hires a contractor to paint their house, the contractor are a service provider, as well. Anyone that can be hired to do something, rather than sell a good, is likely a service provider.

Usually, a service provider will be hired through a Service Agreement, an Independent Contractor Agreement, or their own special agreement, like a unique client agreement used by a lawyer or accountant.

Often, people find that the service provider they hired completed the work badly, or not at all. Many times, it's most effective to send a written letter to the service provider after such an experience, rather than trying to work it out over the phone. A written letter also adds evidence in case the parties have to take the issue to court.

In a Complaint Letter To A Service Provider, the customer will normally enter in information about their particular experience, including what their primary issue is with the service provider and how they would like it to be rectified.

How to use this document

This document can be used when someone needs to send a letter to a service provider informing them about a poor experience. The sender of the letter will have to enter several specific details about their experience. It is otherwise formatted with the information needed, as well as in the style of a business letter so it will be as professional as possible.

The letter is simple and brief, but it is written to be effective.

When the letter is complete, it can be printed and signed or saved and emailed to the service provider.

Applicable law

There are no laws outlining what must be put into a Complaint Letter To A Service Provider, but a best practice is to give the provider as much information as possible to try to get them to help. There are no particular statutes or regulations which apply to the drafting of this letter.

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