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Request to be Removed from Marketing List

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Last revision 06/14/2019
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Last revision: 06/14/2019

Size: 1 page

Available formats: Word and PDF

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Request to be Removed from Marketing List

A Request to be Removed from Marketing List is a communications document, which may be sent as a traditional, postmarked letter or as an email, to a company which has been sending marketing messages to the sender of the letter. In the letter or email, the sender requests to be removed from the company's marketing list, meaning they are requesting not to receive any further messages.

In this day and age, many of us are subscribed to many different lists: email lists, phone lists, and text message lists. In fact, it's often difficult to remember which ones we actually subscribed to and which ones may be sending us unsolicited messages.

This Request to be Removed from Marketing List contains all the information required to make a firm, formal request to stop receiving messages that are no longer useful. It doesn't matter if the sender of the letter once requested to receive such marketing messages from the company, this letter helps finalize a request to be removed from the list in writing.


How to use this document

This document can be used to request removal from an email list, phone list, and/or text message list. The initial question in the form asks about which type of list the letter should describe. Options are given to select one, two, or all three of the different marketing lists.

The form then additionally asks about whether prior authorization was given for the marketing messages, whether the sender has requested to be removed from the list before, and the approximate frequency, if known, of the messages. The letter concludes with a firm demand to be removed from the marketing list in question.

After this document is filled out, it can either be saved and emailed to the company or it can be physically printed and postmarked to the company. It does not matter which method is chosen, but email may save time, and most companies have an accessible email address for customers.


Applicable law

Although there is not one set of laws or regulations outlining what must be contained in a Request to be Removed from Marketing List, the Federal Trade Commission generally oversees consumer marketing, through the CAN-SPAM Act, the Telemarketing Sales Rule, and other rules and regulations they promulgate to protect consumers.


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