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Notice of Change of Address

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Last revision 19/01/2020
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Last revision: 19/01/2020

Size: 1 page

Available formats: Word and PDF

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Notice of Change of Address

A Letter for Change of Address notifies another party of the sender's change of address. When a party changes their home or business address, it is important to notify relevant people of this change.

This document can be sent to customers, clients, banks, medical officers, or other relevant persons, informing them that the sender has changed their address and providing a new contact address. This document outlines the name of the sender, old and new addresses of the sender, name and address of the recipient.

How to use this document

This document can be sent by a person who has recently moved to a new location, to enable them receive correspondence in their new location. It can also be used by companies or organizations for the purposes of notifying their clients, business partners and other persons about the change of their registered office address.

This document can be printed in the organization's letter head with the organization's logo and signed by the party sending the letter. If the sender is a company, a director of the company should sign the document. If the sender is a business name, one of the proprietors or partners who is authorized to sign documents should sign this letter. If the sender is an incorporated trustee, the chairman of the board of trustees should sign the letter.

After signing this document, it should be sent to the intended recipient. For example, the sender's bank, medical practitioner, lawyer, school, etc. notifying them about the change of address.

In addition to this, companies, or other registered organizations are required by law to notify the Corporate Affairs Commission (the "CAC") in the event that they change their registered office address. Therefore, in the case of a Business name, this document should be filed at the CAC along with the following documents:

  • Certificate of Business Name registration.
  • Duly Completed Form CAC/BN/1.
  • Affidavit deposed by one of the proprietors of the business stating that the address of the Business Name has been changed.
  • Valid means of identification (National I.D, Driver's license or International passport) of the proprietor deposing to the Affidavit mentioned above.

In the case of an Incorporated Trustee, this document should be filed at the CAC along with the following documents:

  • Certificate of Registration.
  • Altered Constitution of the Incorporated Trustees reflecting the new address.
  • Minutes of meeting stating that the authorizing the change of address.

Applicable Law

A Letter for Change of Address for an individual is not regulated by any Nigerian law. However, for registered entities like companies, business names and incorporated trustees, this document is regulated by the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 2004.

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