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Breach of Contract Notice

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Last revision: 01/23/2020

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Breach of Contract Notice

A Breach of Contract Notice (which can also be called a Notification of Contract Breach) is a document by which a party to a contract informs the other party that they have breached the agreement. A "breach" simply means that one party didn't fully perform the obligations they were supposed to under the contract. In that case, the non-breaching party would use this form to let them know about the issue.

This document is quite simple and easy to fill out, as it only requires the basic details about the contract and the breach. It is written to give notice to the person that has caused the problem with the contract and it specifically reserves any and all legal rights the non-breaching party has - meaning, if further action should be pursued, the non-breaching party can still generally move forward with a lawsuit.


How to use this document

This document can generally be used for any party in any contract. The contract can be as complex as a contract for a corporate business dealing or it can be as simple as a dog-walking service agreement. Regardless, this form will include everything that the breaching party needs to know.

Here, the form-filler will first enter pertinent information about the underlying contract. This includes the name of the contract (or short title, like "Lease Agreement"), the date the contract was executed, and what the general subject matter of the contract is.

Then, the form-filler will enter details about the breach, such as what section of the contract was specifically breached and how. There is also an option to give the recipient of the letter time to "cure," or fix, the breach if desired.

After it is filled out, this document should be printed and signed. One copy should be kept with the sender and one should be sent to the recipient.

Applicable law

Breach of Contract Notices in the United States are normally subject to state-specific laws, because the underlying contracts for personal or business transactions are often subject to state-specific laws. While the specific applicable contract laws can vary, best practices for these notices will include all of the information contained here.


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