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Meeting Minutes

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Last revision: 06/10/2020

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Meeting Minutes

This is a template to create minutes for a formal meeting. This Meeting Minutes template can be used for Board of Directors' meetings, Shareholders' Meetings, unincorporated group or association meetings, or any other meeting that requires a formal minutes document. Meeting minutes are essentially a written memorandum of what happened at a meeting. They contain information about the logistics of the meeting - such as where, what time, and in what location it was held. They also contain information about who attended the meeting.

The most important aspect of a meeting minutes document, however, is the portion that gives information about what happened within the meeting.

Sometimes, the body of the minutes contains what are called "Resolutions." Resolutions are actions that were decided upon at the meeting. Sometimes, instead of resolutions, the body of the minutes can contain "Notes," which are basically items that were discussed but not necessarily agreed-upon or resolved in any way. Either way, the most important element of a meeting minutes document is to define what happened in the meeting.

How to use this document

This template can be used to create a well-outlined meeting minutes document for any type of meeting. The most common types of meetings requiring written minutes are Board of Directors' meetings and Shareholders' meetings. This template has the perfect structure for either of these types of meetings. Here, the form-filler will be able to choose what type of meeting it was (for example, an annual meeting or an unscheduled meeting) and what took place within the meeting.

For annual Shareholders' meetings, elections are often held. This document gives the option to include information about whether elections were held and what the outcome was.

This document can also be used for any other type of group, including unincorporated groups or associations. In other words, this template can be used for any meeting of any group held, including PTA meetings, HOA meetings, club meetings, and many others.

Once all of the information in this template is filled out, it should be printed. Then it should be copied and kept on file with the individual responsible for organizing the meeting minutes. Normally, this is a secretary or other administrative position in the group.

Applicable law

Requirements for meeting minutes can come from several different sources. Bylaws of the organization - such as corporate bylaws - may have specific items that must be included in meeting minutes. State law may also determine not only what goes into the meeting minutes, but also what type of notice is required for the meeting and what types of actions require what votes. There is no overarching federal law establishing what is required for meeting minutes.

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