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Corporate Proxy

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Last revision: 02/10/2020

Size: 2 pages

Available formats: Word and PDF

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Corporate Proxy

A Corporate Proxy (which can also be called a Proxy Form or Proxy Agreement) is a document by which a stockholder in a corporation (a person that holds stock or shares in a corporation) gives their right to vote their shares to someone else, called a proxy. A Corporate Proxy is a rather simple document, but needs to be notarized, which means going to an official person called a "Notary Public" to witness the signature, in order to be considered valid.

In a Corporate Proxy, the stockholder will decide if the proxy should vote a certain way on issues or if the proxy is able to vote at their discretion. The document will also revoke any prior proxy designations in order for this current one to be valid.

How to use this document

This document should be used when a stockholder for a corporation would like to allow another individual to vote their shares. This document can be used in any state but must be notarized before it can be valid.

In this document, the stockholder's name and address will be entered, as well as the name of the corporation and the full name of the proxy. Then the stockholder will decide whether the proxy must vote a certain way with respect to any issues and when (or at what meeting) the proxy will become valid.

After it is filled out, this proxy form should be printed, signed by the stockholder, and notarized. One copy should be kept with the stockholder, one with the proxy, and one should be given to the corporation.

Applicable law

Proxy forms in the United States are not only subject to state-specific laws, they are also subject to the bylaws of the individual corporation. Most proxy form language is similar, however, and often, a proxy template can be used easily.

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