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Late Rent Notice

Last revision Last revision 21/02/2024
Formats FormatsWord and PDF
Size Size1 page
4.8 - 2 votes
Fill out the template

Last revisionLast revision: 21/02/2024

FormatsAvailable formats: Word and PDF

SizeSize: 1 page

Rating: 4.8 - 2 votes

Fill out the template

A Late Rent Notice is used by a Landlord or Property Manager when a Tenant is late in making a rent payment. A Late Rent Notice generally contains the date rent was due, a description of how late the rent payment is, and any late charges that the Tenant has incurred due to their failure to make a timely payment. A Late Rent Notice is often the first step in a Landlord's attempt to evict a Tenant who habitually fails to pay their rent on time.

In some cases the laws of the various states and territories are quite particular in relation to eviction proceedings, and the types of notices that Landlords must provide before they are able to terminate a lease. In some cases, Landlords are required to use a particular type of form in order to demand overdue rent, before the Landlord can proceed with eviction. Minimum notice periods may also be prescribed by state or territory law.

Therefore, if Landlords want to be able to go straight ahead with eviction proceedings in the event that this notice is not complied with, then they may need to check on the form and notice requirements in the relevant state or territory.

However, this Late Rent Notice provides a quick and convenient way to remind a Tenant that rent is overdue and to provide firm instructions about how to rectify the matter. In many cases, Tenants respond promptly to a written reminder. Sending reminder notices to Tenants as soon as rent falls into arrears can also be an effective way to set the ground rules and ensure that Tenants continue to make future payments.


How to use this document

Use this document to remind a Tenant that their rent is due and give them notice of late payment prior to escalating the matter to eviction or other serious legal action. The Notice includes facts about the property and lease agreement, including the address of the rental property, as well as the late charges as dictated by the lease.

Generally, a Late Rent Notice is sent by registered post, so as to create a record that the letter was received by the Tenant. This record may be useful in case of future legal action, such as an eviction action.


Applicable law

Before a Landlord can terminate as a result of late payment of rent, the Landlord will need to comply with relevant laws in relation to such matters as the minimum amount of notice that must be provided before terminating the lease, as well as the form in which notice may be provided (such as whether an email suffices).

Different laws may apply to this matter depending on which state or territory the property is located in, and whether the property has been leased for residential, commercial or retail purposes.

Retail leases are a sub-category of commercial leases (usually for properties that involve a "retail" element, such as a shop front). The laws in each state and territory regarding retail leases also provide more protections to Tenants of retail properties than those of ordinary commercial properties.

Each state and territory also has its own legislation regarding residential tenancies.

Further information or legal assistance, particularly in relation to residential properties is available from consumer affairs offices, tenant unions or tenant advice services in each state and territory. Community legal centres may also provide assistance.


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