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Cancellation of Event Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus Fill out the template

Cancellation of Event Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus

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Last revision 30/09/2023
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Last revisionLast revision: 30/09/2023

FormatsAvailable formats: Word and PDF

SizeSize: 1 page

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Cancellation of Event Due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus

This letter is used to cancel or postpone scheduled events due to the coronavirus outbreak. Events such as parties, conferences, tours, may be cancelled or postponed using this simple letter.

Due to the coronavirus, people are advised to avoid large gatherings and practice social distancing to limit the spread of the virus. Attending events and gatherings of large people may increase one's chance of contracting the disease. Hence, many events that have been scheduled to hold during this pandemic, may either be cancelled, postponed, or moved online.

This document simply provides a perfect way to postpone or cancel all impending events. However, to cancel upcoming meetings or appointments due to the pandemic, the Notice of Postponement or Cancellation of Meeting should be used.

How to use this document

In this document, the form filler should provide the full names and addresses of the sender and recipient, the date the event was scheduled to hold, the new date, time, and place of the event (if applicable), and the compensation the recipient will receive.

After completing the document, it should be printed and signed by the person sending it. The sender should send it to the recipient either by letter or email and keep one copy of this document for record purposes.

Applicable law

There is no special law regulating the form and content of this letter. However, the general rules of contract apply to this document.

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