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Recruitment Agreement

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Last revision 08/06/2023
Formats Word and PDF
Size 6 to 9 pages
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Last revisionLast revision: 08/06/2023

FormatsAvailable formats: Word and PDF

SizeSize: 6 to 9 pages

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Recruitment Agreement

This Recruitment Agreement is a document that outlines the relationship between a recruiter and a client seeking to hire the recruiter to provide recruitment services to the client. The recruiter or recruitment agency has the job of finding suitable job candidates for their clients. Some businesses do not have the time or expertise to hire competent employees. For this reason, they hire a recruiter to do this job. The recruitment services include reviewing application documents and screening/interviewing potential candidates for the client. In the end, the recruiter will present the potential candidates to their client.

Recruiters can work for clients in different sectors, such as the legal, banking, insurance, and government sectors. Clients often hire recruiters because of their experience in hiring strong candidates for specific industries. The recruitment agreement will contain specific terms regulating the relationship between the client and the recruiter, including the number of candidates the client is seeking, the client's criteria for potential candidates, and the recruiter's specific obligations and fees.

Like a service provider in a Service Agreement, the recruiter is not an employee and not entitled to employment benefits like a paid vacation or leave, pension, etc. However, the Recruitment Agreement is different from a Service Agreement in the sense that the Recruitment Agreement focuses on the provision of recruitment services.

How to use this document

Either the recruiter or a client seeking to hire a recruiter can use this document to outline the terms of the relationship. Similarly, a recruiter can use this document for all their clients, and this template is suitable for that purpose. This document is simple as it requires basic information such as the names and addresses of recruiter and client, the recruiter's payment structure, and conditions relating to hiring potential candidates. It also includes general provisions, including dispute resolution mechanisms (arbitration and litigation), confidentiality, and non-solicitation provision, which compel the recruiter not to try to poach potential candidates for other clients or employers.

After completing the document, it should be printed, and the recruiter and client should sign the document. Alternatively, the recruiter and client can sign the document electronically and exchange it via email. The recruiter and client should keep at least one original signed copy for their record.

Applicable law

A recruiter is an independent contractor and provides work for hire services. Hence, there is no special law regulating recruiters or recruiting agencies. However, the document is subject to general rules of contract.

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